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As business printing specialists we have exceptional commercial printing capability, which is great for producing books like the latest one one for Kathy White, "The Rebuild of Captain Bligh". This is Kathy's third, successful, self-published children's' book, and this sort of work really brings a smile to our faces. Kathy's projects have really highlighted the opportunities out there for any individual, business, educational or training organisation looking to produce professionally printe...

May 25, 2016


The mind is magical, the way humans can interpret their knowledge and vision of this world we live in. It enables us to tell stories uniquely, show expression, and true meanings. Hopefully along the way we help others to understand what's right from wrong, inspire their creativity, or simply put a smile on every face. This is Kathy White's belief and it is what she wants to create and share with the children of the world. Kathy embarked on the journey in her twenties, travelling in the passeng...

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