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This is a story of Pegasus, the Kenworth truck who is one week off the assembly line in Brisbane, Queensland. This is his first trip with his assigned driver, Garry. They are off to Bamaga situated forty kilometers from the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula, north of Queensland, Australia.

Garry teaches, Pegasus the ropes of the unforgiving, unsealed roads of Cape York Peninsula. Pegasus is not happy with having his tires and cab dirty, the corrugated bumps in the road, the rude animals, and those funny things Garry calls cars. Who wont move out of the way for us semi road trains.

"Where are we going Garry?" was previously published, Rustic T Publications will be the new publisher. Kathy's mission is to expand the chapter book back to it's original form and make it funnier than ever. Keep an eye out and we will inform you, when the book plans to be published.

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