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Dickie Deen

"Hi Kathy I have read the book you wrote re the rebuilding of my bicentennial Mack, Captain Bligh. I found it very interesting, and the illustrations and photos look great and of high quality. The book I feel will appeal to all, not just children, although children will find it interesting as it has a very good story line. With some lows and highs and a very happy ending.

This book also shows the family side and an insight in life of a truckie working on a normal day, and a trip where anything can go wrong, and sometimes it does. This shows that a truck owner is not just a driver he's a jack of all trades; a driver, mechanic, tyre fitter, a boss and family man trying to juggle all the things that come his way while trying to get the job done.

I enjoyed it, so did my grandchildren and my family, they couldn't put it down and found it very interesting and of high standard."

Ariel Holland

The Rebuild of Captain Bligh is a wonderful tale of friendship, adventure and the evolution of a truck to a restored and revamped. The story takes us through the bond between a boy, a truck and trailer as well as a family of mice. We hear tales about long road trips with the best and worst that could happen on a job. We get guided through the rebuild of Captain Bligh; from removing the towing apparatus all the way through to the new paint job, upholstery and polished chrome finish. There are also several photos that take us through the transformation.

The Rebuild of Captain Bligh is a great book to share with the whole family. It's so good to see these magnificent trucks being restored and carrying on a true Australia theme.

Paulette Urquhart

"Hi, I brought the books for my two granddaughters and my nephew. They love them. My nephew especially as he is truck mad! Beautifully written and the pictures are fantastic! so real.

Will be buying every book. Kathy is a very talented lady."

Christine Eggins

"They are great books for children aged four and up. The books have easy to read words. With funny parts in it. I would recomend these books to anyone with children."

Allan Miller

"The books that we have read are very good and easy to understand what the book was about. Great to see the pictures of trucks and easy reading to children."

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